Raymond Gupta is licensed to practice law in both Indiana and Illinois. Attorney Gupta focuses on cases pertaining to: Personal, workplace and birth injury law Surgical and nursing home mistakes Construction and job site injuries Legal malpractice and defective products Motorcycle, car and truck accidents Wrongful death and medical malpractice Workers’ compensation Animal Bites He concentrates in personal injury and medical malpractice cases on behalf of individuals in the Highland, IN, area who have been injured. Gupta has significant trial experience involving multi-million dollar disputes. Prior to opening his own office, he defended hospitals, physicians, and nurses when they were sued for negligence. This background allows Gupta to anticipate how the other side will defend the case. Few attorneys have a professional background working both sides of the fence. In order to best represent his clients, Gupta works with consultants who previously worked as insurance claims analysts for major, national insurance companies. These consultants work with Gupta to attempt to maximize the value of his personal injury cases. They review every document that he submits to the insurance companies as part of the settlement process for personal injury and medical malpractice claims. Gupta’s consultants use the same tools and analysis used by the individual who has the authority to settle cases involving his clients. This resource increases the likelihood that he will be able to obtain a fair settlement offer and allows him to argue more persuasively for increased settlement offers when initial offers are inadequate. This “inside” information also allows Gupta to better recommend to his clients whether to accept the offer extended by the insurance company versus going to trial. There is no fee until you win. There are many personal injury lawyers to choose from, but few with Ray Gupta’s experience. Don’t settle for less. For effective legal representation, choose us. Call us today to speak to our legal team! Categories: Consumer Attorneys | Malpractice Attorneys | Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys | Health Care Attorneys | < Read Less

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