Specialties Since 1994, we at The Lodge have taken great pride in providing a creative atmosphere for our clients’ music. Our vintage microphone collection, in concert with state-of-the-art digital workstations and pristine acoustics make The Lodge the ideal venue for any recording project. History Established in 1994 On a quiet street near the heart of a midsize mid-western city stands an Ionic columned, limestone-brick building sited to face precisely north and inscribed with the Latin word for truth: “Veritas”. The Masons created The Lodge in 1922. Their purpose remains a mystery, the Masons being a rather discreet group, but from what they left behind, it appears that they took their work very seriously. 23-foot ceilings, ornately carved molding, poured plaster sconces and furniture that looks like something from medieval times. There remains also an air of mystery, of history and spirits long gone. The very walls seem to speak of great purpose and unlimited possibility. Welcome to The Lodge Recording Studios, a truly unique space in which to create great sounds.

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