Specialties Pottery By You is a make-your-own Beautiful Bisque, Gorgeous Glass & Marvelous Mud studio! Translated, that means that we will show you how to paint beautiful pieces of pottery, assemble fused glass into gorgeous jewelry, bowls, or whatever you want, and teach you how to make marvelous artwork out of clay. We specialize in making it fun and EASY! We are here to help you have a great time and make an amazing work of art. Pottery By You is your place to relax and have fun. EVERYONE can paint and make pottery. All ages are welcome – don’t worry about your kids being too young or you being to old! We let the kids be kids and the adults relax and be creative (even if they think they aren’t). No reservation needed! We also offer Birthday Parties and classes for kids & adults. Meet the Business Owner:
Rob and Peggy L. We (Rob & Peggy) have owned the studio since October 2009. We are family owned and not affiliated with any other studio or chain. Rob is in the studio almost every day. He is the face of the studio – meaning you always see and hear him! Having never taken an art class, he is proof that we make everything fun & easy. Rob will teach you all the tricks to making Beautiful Bisque, Gorgeous Glass & Marvelous Mud. Peggy is the organizer, kiln loader and sample painter. With an art degree in her back pocket, she is the visionary of the business. She is running around in the background making sure we have enough exciting pieces to paint and making samples of fun things she has seen and imagined. We, Rob & Peggy and all the wonderful staff are here to show you how much fun this is – don’t worry, we will show you all the tricks so it’s easy.

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