Specialties If you like pizza this is the place to be! You have not had a good pizza until you try piezanos. We pile on the toppings and the cheese. Piezanos is not only known for their pizza but their salads also. Veggies are cut fresh daily ( for ALL foods) and salads are made to order. Also, try our sandwiches Strombolis are VERY good. Call one of our locations and we will be glad to help. History Established in 1990 I don’t know exactly when Piezanos was started. Our family took over Piezanos in 2007. Meet the Business Owner:
Amanda G. My name is Amanda, my husband and I own Piezanos Pizza. We are family owned and live here in Indiana. If you have been to a Piezanos more than likely you have met one of us. We take pride in our pizza, salads, sandwiches, and all of our other makings. I love to hear from my customers to know their opinions ( good and bad). My email is [email protected] Please send me an email. I respond to all myself. (no auto messages, and we do Not sell addresses) Please stop in and try our wonderful foods.

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