Specialties Volkswagen, Subaru, & Saab History Established in 1975 At age 18 and fresh out of Carmel High School, I had but one thought on my mind: To someday own my own automotive dealership. I have always had a passion and sixth sense about cars and I could fix anything. The advice I received to accomplish my goal was to go to work for someone until I understood the business well enough to operate a dealership on my own (in addition to convincing a bank to help me). That is just what I did. I chose Speedway Volkswagen to start my career in 1977. However, not in sales like most, but as a Service Technician. I have always believed, and still do today, that the import brands are far superior products than the domestic. I went to work there with the full intent of someday owning that dealership. I became one of the nations leading Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo, and Mazda Master Technicians. With the accolades I was receiving from the manufacturers, I was encouraged to manage the next level within an auto dealership. I lead the way at the dealership until an op Meet the Business Owner:
Bob F. At Falcone Volkswagen, Subaru, and Saab, I want to build relationships. After three decades in the vehicle business, I know there is no substitute for customer service. You expect it. You deserve it. And that’s what we are going to give you.

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