Specialties Architects, Michael Conly and Charles Kotterman give that little something extra to their clients that not every Architect has….. their many years of experience and knowledge of the most up-to-date architectural technologies. As partners of Architura, a prominent Indianapolis architecture firm that is centrally located in the state of Indiana, they can reach any job site in Indiana in a very short time. The partners having a combined 65 years of experience are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of architecture and commercial building design and each of them shine in different types of building planning, design and technologies. You could say that Michael Conly has become an expert in the field of “master planning” and historic government building renovations & restorations. And Charles Kotterman’s expertise lie in commercial building design for businesses including automobile & trucking companies… History Established in 2000 Partners: Michael Conly – Born in Indianapolis in 1045. In 1069 Mr. Conly received his BA from the University of Cincinnati and followed up with The Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. His design focus has been on institutional, governmental, historic and corporate architecture. Some good examples of his work are best represented by the design and Administration of the Indiana State Historical Society building, located in Indianapolis and the campus master plan and design of Damar Services. Charles Kotterman – Born in Indiana in 1954. He received his BA from Ball State University in 1979 and has been practicing architecture for over 33 years. His design focus has been on commercial, government and corporate architecture. good examples of his works are his designs of Adesa auto auctions across the U.S. Currently he is the lead architect for the GSA’s VBA Fiduciary (Veteran Bus Admin) project in progress at the Minton-Capehart Fed Bldg. Meet the Business Owner:
Michael C. Michael Conly is a Veteran; He is current owner & partner of Architura Architectural Corporation with Charles Kotterman; He is a member of AIA & NCARB: He is licensed in over 15 states; He is a member of the Indianapolis Rotary club; He is a past president of the board for Damar Services and is currently a board member.

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