Aspire is a medical practice that will change the way you look at medical practices. Here, you’re not a just patient. You are a partner, and Dr. Brian Lee is always paying attention for your best interests. A board-certified plastic surgeon, an artist and also a medical missionary, Dr. Lee look at his work through a different lens. He wants to make sure that you realize your full potential, and he wants to customize your treatment to your targets. At Aspire, you are in charge, and your plan is YOUniquely yours. The practice is all-encompassing, like skin care and whole-body care, integrating the surgical with the nonsurgical. It is imbued with a respect for the patient. Your time is valued while you’re here, and your recommendation after you’ve left is our goal. “I care what patients think. I respect their time,” Dr. Lee says. Dr. Lee knows that most patients have been thinking of their procedure for years and knows their anxiety. He puts patients at ease by focusing on the results– results that will often change their lives. This is why Dr. Lee loves what he does. “The change in their self-esteem and the way they carry themselves is very uplifting,” he says. It’s our philosophy at Aspire that everyone should feel confident as well as beautiful physically and mentally, inside and out. Being YOUnique is a state in which you embrace all that is YOU. Aspire seeks to be something completely different. From daily skin care to an all-new you, you can expect something spectacular from Aspire.

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