Specialties We specialize in disorders of the pelvis and abdomen for Indinanapolis area residents. Specifically, we treat pelvic pain conditions: dysparunia (painful intercourse), coccydynia (tailbone pain), vaginal pain, rectal pain, vulvadynia, vulvar vestibulitis. We also treat abdominal pan and dysfunction from adhesions or post surgical pain as well as bowel disorders such as fecal incontinence and chronic constipation or painful bowel movements. Finally, we also help people with urinary problems such as frequent urination, strong urinary urge (with or without leaking) or leaking with coughing, laughing or jumping. If a patient has problems with being able to urinate or poor flow from overactive pelvic floor muscles, we also help with that. History Established in 2013 I, (Nari Clemons) , pelvic and abdominal therapist, worked at IU Health treating pelvic disorders before breaking off to start my own physical therapy practice. I wanted a quiet, spa-like environment that would be very comfortable to patients, while offering them privacy, respect, and hours of operation that are easy to fit into their schedule. Meet the Business Owner:
Nari C. I wanted to create the kind of practice with expertise where I would want to be treated or would refer family and friends. I have had over 200 hours of continuing training specific to abdominal and pelvic disorders and am CAPA certified to treat pelvic floor. I have done advanced training to treat male pelvic disorders. At Mayo clinic, I learned (and brought back to Indianapolis) the bowel program for constipation that is only otherwise available at Mayo and John Hopkins. I have taken over 100 hours of training in visceral mobilization (in the tradition of Jean Pierre Barral) to treat painful abdominal fascial and abdominal adhesion pain disorders. I was one of just 20 nationwide therapists selected to author questions for the pelvic board exam that is in development, and I currently am a teaching assistant and course author with the Herman Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute (the premier providers of pelvic floor professional continuing education in the United States.–Nari Clemons

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